I was born and raised in the land of corn in a suburb of Chicago.  Growing up I hated most foods - I was the pickiest eater ever!  Luckily I grew out of this phase during college, where my love of food and booze began.

In 2010, I moved to Australia.  If you have never been there, GO!  I lived there for 8 years, which is where I discovered the beauty of wine and fresh, healthy foods (sorry America).  It was while living in Sydney that I started my own baking company, The American Pie Company, which ran until I moved to Singapore in 2017.

Singapore!  What an experience!  From the authentic and amazing street food to the highest class of restaurants, it has everything. Including the world's best champagne brunches. Let's just say I spent an embarrassing amount of money on those brunches, which my husband constantly reminds me about.

I moved backed to the US in 2018 and currently live in Massachusetts with my incredible husband, Keith (he's Irish - let's just say there is a reason for my whiskey obsession) and two fur babies, Bruce and Susan.

Meet My Team

Here are a few photos of my key supporters. They encourage both my eating and drinking habits! 🙂


Sassy Susan

Sassy Susan rules our roost!

keith and me


So glad he puts up with me!


Handsome BRUCE

The best doberdore to ever be adopted!

Hungry & ready to Booze?

If so, check out my recipe page to find just what you're looking for.  Recipes are categorized by drink type so have a look to see what you've got in the house and make a meal out of it!